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With our Trading Contests, you have the chance to win real money to invest in the markets, simply by trading in our competitions using virtual funds. The best part is, it’s all risk-free!

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Our trading competitions are free to join, and risk-free to take part in, as you’ll only be using virtual funds to trade with. Getting started will only take a few minutes!

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Ongoing contests

Engage your audience with Branded Trading Contests

Are you an Introducing Broker (IB) or an Influencer, with your own following? Why not engage your audience with your very own Branded Trading Contest!

Branded Contest

Design a trading competition that reflects your brand.

Prize Sponsorships

We sponsor up to $10,000 in prizes for your community.

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We can help with promotion to give you an extra boost when needed.

Real Prizes

Offer real prizes to the top traders in your Contest.

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Contests FAQ

Our CFD Trading Contests are open to everyone.
For a step-by-step guide to joining any of our trading competitions, check out our quick start guide.
Yes, you can join and compete in as many trading competitions as you like.
No, all prizes are provided as tradable bonuses, and can’t be withdrawn.
No, only Contest accounts will be included in the leaderboards of any competition.

Contest variety

Join weekly, event, tournament, or other trading competitions.

No limit on wins

Trade in as many contests as you like, with no limit on wins.

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Trade risk-free with virtual funds & win real money to trade with.

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Engage your audience with your very own Branded Contest.

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